Deborah Schelhas


Greater Kalamazoo

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About Deborah Schelhas

As a Vice President and executive of marketing and sales for decades in technology, my husband and I moved numerous times throughout the U.S and have personally bought or sold twelve homes.I have experienced first hand the complexity and emotion of moving and making decisions that affect your family and one of the largest financial decisions of your life. My business experience of creating national strategy and marketing plans offer a high level of service for you as a seller or buyer of your home. I believe in getting results and work hard full time to be there for my clients.

I dedicate the time to understand your objective ,actively listen to your concerns and most importantly, stand up for you as your advocate with purpose and integrity.
As one of my clients posted on Zillow " I felt Deb was my advocate and even protected me from stress by taking care of issues that came up without hesitation"

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